Tips When Choosing an Engagement Ring

It’s never an easy decision, you want to find a ring that will last a lifetime, but you don’t want to break the bank either. This video from Valentina Fine Diamonds takes you through some engagement ring buying tips to ensure you’re happy with it as it can be a very big investment! It’s vital that you do overspend. It isn’t worth going into heavy debt over a ring so set a budget and stick to it.

Some couples might even come to this decision together and buy the ring together. Often, the jeweller will start showing you beautiful rings way out of your price range, and a polite no is always the best way to deal with this situation!

It’s also important to try on many rings before buying as a beautiful ring might not suit your hand. It can be very strange sometimes and it’s only when you try on the ring that you know it’s right. Find out more in the video.

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  • This is definitely a really informative video for guys who are looking for an engagement ring like me! Thank you for taking the time to put it up, I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate your effort.

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