This Is What Wedding Guests Secretly Hate About Your Wedding

A wedding may be the most memorable day for all of the right reasons for the bride and groom, but for wedding guests it can be a day spent with a fake smile due to these wedding pet hates.

Candyking Parties has revealed exactly what wedding guests dislike about attending their loved one’s big day, unveiling how friends and family feel about everything from marriage traditions to the new wedding trends that couples are including in their big day.

Crying babies were found to be one of the main offenders during the wedding ceremony, with 45% saying that this was their biggest annoyance, followed by the bride and groom speaking too quietly.

The cost of attendance is off-putting to many guests, as 18% said that this was something which irritated them most about attending the day. A further 26% went on to say that waiting ages between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast was something which annoys them – it seems hungry bellies do not make for happy guests!

A top-table is the wedding tradition that 23% of guests would like to ban the most. With the rather new tradition of having to use a hashtag when wedding photos are shared on social media annoys 30% of guests.

To see what else annoys wedding guests take a look at the 12 things wedding guests hate below.

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