The Tool You Need To Keep Your Wedding in Budget

With the average wedding now estimated to be costing couples £27,000, many brides and grooms are instead wishing that they had budgeted more effectively for their big day; with four in ten sharing that they wish the money had been put towards a house deposit or retirement fund instead. However, it seems that 50% of brides are aware that they will go over their budget, with just 22% willing to make cutbacks if required. Leaving a lot of couples unprepared to stay within their purse strings.

Despite the fact that your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest and most memorable day of your life, financial strains are causing concerns for many. Yet, on a day that’s filled with love and happiness, surely what counts is your love for one another and that you are surrounded by family and friends? Well, it seems that some are forgoing all of the traditional elements of a wedding in order to bring their average spend down to almost £17,000. Which is still a large sum of money for many.

With the race to the altar becoming costlier invoice after invoice, the Wedding Cost Calculator is on hand to take couples through the usual costs they will be faced with when they are planning their wedding. With questions including where the service and reception will take place, how many bridesmaids and groomsmen there will be, as well as smaller details such as how many in the bridal party will have their hair and make-up done. Couples are then presented with a cost to guide them in how much they should budget for the occasion.

No one wants to start their happily ever after with marital debt, so take case to plan your finances thoroughly before you go handing over your credit card.

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