The cost of proposing at 19 popular destinations

You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and may have even purchased a ring, but have you thought about where you might propose? This iconic moment will become a story you’ll tell for years to come and the location will go down in history as your landmark of love. So, why not take flight for a destination proposal?

Although a proposal that requires travel will require some extra planning, your hard work will surely pay off. There’s something so romantic about being away together that will make your proposal simply magical. Whether the two of you would prefer a night at the stadium celebrating America’s favorite pastime or would rather opt for a tropical getaway in the sand, there’s a perfect destination proposal spot for the two of you.

To help you narrow your selection and determine where in the U.S. you might pop the question, ProFlowers is putting a price tag on some of the best places to propose including popular baseball stadiums, Disney Theme Parks and iconic spots such as The Empire State Building and Maui, Hawaii. Browse the list below to discover a love landmark fit for the two of you.

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