Styles to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Without a doubt, one of the most important elements of your wedding is a professional photographer. While memories do, of course, last forever, your wedding is something you do once in a lifetime, so it’s important that those memories are captured ready for you to relive that special day when you wish.

With so many different photographers to choose from when it comes to deciding the kind of moments you want captured and the final look of your photos, USB 4 Photographers have rounded up some of the styles you may want to look for when finding your photographer.

This style involves a photographer blending into your big day, and capturing the day as it plays out. Snapping away at happy grins, tears of joy and candid moments, photos taken spontaneously are some of the best shots that you can have from your wedding day as they are completely natural.

Photos taken as you get ready for the day, as you are walking down the aisle or listening to the speeches – these are some of the most precious moments that you’ll undoubtedly want photographic evidence of. Plus, when you come to look back at the photos you’ll be able to reminisce on how you felt and see the true emotion from the day – telling a story through your photos.

As well as informal shots, it’s likely that you’ll also want your photographer to take some traditional posed photos too – you know the kind you see in your parent’s wedding album.

These photos involve various family members and those in the wedding party standing either side of the bride or groom in set locations.

One of the benefits of this photography style is that you know what you are getting as you’ll have pre-agreed with your photographer who you want included in the photos, and are able to view samples in a portfolio of what you can expect. However, those unnoticed moments will stay unnoticed as they are unlikely to be captured. Therefore, it’s best to include both styles so that you ensure you have a combination of staged photos you know will be taken, as well as more natural shots as they happen – yet, of course, with the latter, there is no guarantee that these will be taken.

This style sits somewhere between the two and often involves a photographer capturing natural moments in a staged background or setting. These shots can also be manipulated in the editing stage too, to provide you with an unexpected outcome.

These could be photos taken against a dramatic backdrop or edited in the post-production stage to provide you with a unique image afterwards. While these photos are largely set-up, they often provide that wow-factor shot that you’ll look at for many years to come.

These are the kind of images you’ll have seen as you flick through various wedding or bridal magazines, and are glossy photos which are completely staged to show off your wedding at its best.

While these photos are creative and are likely to leave those who view the images envious of what’s been captured, they can take some time to set up and require a lot of posing. So, if it’s not something you are entirely comfortable with then you may want to avoid it.

With those styles in mind, now it’s time for you to find your perfect photographer who will capture the photos from one of the happiest days of your life.

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  • Thank you for talking about how you need to choose a style of photography when choosing someone to document your wedding. I agree with you in this, my daughter is getting married in a few months and wants to make sure they choose the best person to help them document every aspect of their wedding. It is important to remember that taking the time to do some research and read reviews can help you choose the photographer that will help you get the most stunning pictures you can enjoy for years after your wedding.

  • Thanks for the tips to choose the right photographer. My baby sister mentioned that she is going to have a friend do the photos for her wedding, so I’m happy to see your advice. Your artistic example is gorgeous and I know that is the kind of photography work she wants. Hopefully, when I show her this article, she’ll research it a bit more.

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