Combining Traditional & Modern Elements in Your Wedding Video

Guest post from Video Caddy

There is often a debate between soon-to-be-married couples about what kind of wedding ceremony they should go for – big, colorful and traditional, or a more modern, scaled-down affair with only the closest family and friends. It is especially important to decide what tone and overall atmosphere you want to achieve if you want the wedding video to look like a lovely little piece of art, instead of something that has been slapped together in a rush and heavily edited.

Since both traditional and modern weddings have their own merits, you can actually get creative and borrow elements from both to get something truly unique and stunning. Here are some of the things you should have in mind when combining the two and making the perfect wedding video that is going to be watched and re-watched hundreds of times over the years.

The first thing you should know is that it’s more about organizing your wedding properly than how you capture it.

The pros of a traditional wedding

Traditional weddings celebrate the culture and folk traditions of your ancestors in interesting ways. I won’t stick to any religion. Instead, we will focus on the things all traditional weddings have in common.

Traditional weddings include a lot of rituals, depending on the religion, and they include vows, first wedding dances, speeches, etc. All of these offer amazing moments for photographers and videographers to capture, and unique opportunities for catching memorable moments.

Traditional weddings also offer more formal and highly stylish fashion choices. Usually, they include some traditional clothes depending on the cultural heritage. In many cases, there are wedding planners that specialize in different traditions and they can make your whole wedding look like it happened in the 1950s. The whole atmosphere changes when the bride and groom are dressed traditionally and the photos and video capture the spirit of their cultural heritage.

Traditional weddings have become what they are today over a long period of time, and during that time, people tried various different color patterns, details, and combinations, before they came up with this exact one. This means that the whole arrangement will definitely look good. If you are having doubts about how everything will look, don’t; your ancestors have already taken care of that.

The pros of a modern wedding

Given the fact that modern wedding ceremonies are more casual and there aren’t so many rules that should be followed, the video captured during your wedding will allow you to focus on the people having fun “in the moment”. This is where random beautiful moments can happen and your guests are the ones who will create amazing moments that will make your wedding memorable.

You would witness a lot more casual setting where real emotions run strong and people do as they feel. Sure, somebody will get very drunk and do something edgy, but in the end, you will laugh about it when watching your wedding years after.

If you have great ideas you would like to put into work, then a modern style wedding is for you. There are no limitations to what kind of decorations you can use. You can do anything you like, but first, make sure that it will be tasteful.

Putting it all together

If you want to combine these two and create an amazing crossover wedding video, there are a couple of things you must do. First of all, make sure that you know which aspects of your wedding are going to be traditional and which are going to be modern and more casual. It’s important that these two match and fit together.

Additionally, make sure that all modern weddings’ decorations also look good with your traditional clothes and decorations. Ensure that you instruct the person filming your wedding video to capture all the close family. Create a normal timeline, where all of the events will take place in a logical order.

For example, make sure that the wedding ceremony, the first dance, and the vows take place before your wedding hits that modern note. This should come later and you should look to make it clear that all of your older relatives and family leave by then, so that the younger, more casual people can enjoy the wedding the way they would prefer.

Choose the right people to edit your videos

These were a few tips that reflect on showcasing the traditional elements, like folk clothing, and little local ceremonies, while at the same time keeping things lively and showing the lighter side of things and some modern fashion, dancing, and so on. Make sure to avoid conflicts between these two sides and respect both of them. With this in mind, you will be able to create a modern wedding that honors traditions.

When putting your video together, it is essential to create a heartwarming atmosphere through editing and make the transitions between modern and traditionally mild, so that the whole thing makes sense. Today, whether you have a hired team shooting your wedding video or friends doing it for you, they ultimately require getting into post-production.

This helps in capturing those unique and memorable moments. We at Video Caddy have edited over 400 wedding videos that are modern, traditional, multi-cultural and theme-based. We understand that these are memories that you would like to keep forever!

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